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Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Thinking of buying a near new or second hand car?

Often we see people purchase a car they think is good and has been well looked after only to find out that it has almost never had a service and needs thousands of dollars of work to make it safe and sound.

Here in WA we do not have the compulsory yearly inspection of our cars (something we desperately need!) because of this vehicles are not kept up to the standard they should be. Purchasing a car that comes with a warranty does not mean all the problems that may arise are going to be covered.

After working on cars day in day out for over 12 years there is allot you can tell about how well a car has been looked after even at first glance.

Things you may not consider when buying a car:

  • First of all the price is it really worth what you are about to pay?
  • The service history, has the car been looked after?
  • The history of the car itself has it ever been in an accident or stolen?
  • Additional costs needed to make it safe for your family?
  • How it drives and if the noise you are hearing is really meant be there?

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