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Symptoms of car suspension problems may include excessive bouncing and swaying, even at low speeds. The car may not sit level and may not handle well on the road. Sometimes these symptoms may be subtle and not become evident until the you are in an emergency situation requiring a quick maneuver to avoid a collision. You may not realize your car suspension is faulty until you need it most.

Did You Know? Worn shocks can increase the time and distance it takes you to stop your car in an emergency situation. Industry experts estimate that worn shocks add, on average of 10% to your stopping distance. At any speed, that 10% can translate to a big difference in your ability to avoid an accident.

Problems Caused By Worn-Out Car Suspension Parts.

At highway speeds, bumps in the road cause forward energy to be converted to vertical energy. The suspension springs of your suspension system must absorb this energy to keep your vehicle from lifting off the road, causing you to lose control. The problem is that suspension springs and shock absorbers wear out gradually over a period of months or years, and you may not notice the change in the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Only by testing your car suspension regularly can you be sure that you are aware of the condition of your suspension system.

Pay-off for Early Diagnosis What other repair can you make that actually makes your vehicle ride noticeably better? Only replacing worn suspension parts can restore that new-car ride. Finding out that your suspension system is dangerously worn may save you from a serious accident. In addition, bringing your suspension system back up to specifications can restore that new-car feel in comfort and handling.

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